Our Security and Safe Room Solutions

What We Protect

Personal Safety

ArxStrong and its partners provide detection, hardening, and safe room solutions expressly designed to protect families, office workers, students, worshippers and others from every conceivable mode of aggression. From detection to fortification of existing protections to secure rooms, we strive to protect the ones who matter most.

Property & Belongings

ArxStrong has partnered with security experts who know how to design and deploy hardening solutions that, coupled with our hidden and safe rooms, can help to protect personal property, prized collectibles, equipment, and invaluable personal keepsakes (whether you are home, at work, or even traveling).

Information & IP

Invasive monitoring and surveillance is becoming commonplace, putting in-home and in-office intellectual property and even wireless (and wired) conversations at risk of being captured and shared. ArxStrong includes security partners who can help you protect your most sensitive information.

Who and What We Protect

Homes & Residences

Each year, millions of families experience a burglary, break-in or, worst of all, home invasion. ArxStrong’s partners design and install security solutions and safe rooms to help protect those who depend on you.

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Home security and safe room services
Business security services


Roughly half the active shooting events that take place today occur in commercial offices, retailers, and small businesses. Our security partners use systems and safe rooms to help protect you and your employees should the need arise.

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Places of Worship

It is a grim reality that today’s religious institutions have become targets of intolerant minds. The ArxStrong team designs security solutions and safe rooms for congregants and worshippers to take refuge during active shooting events.

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Places of worship
Classroom security services

Educational Facilities

School children and those who teach deserve our utmost protection. ArxStrong’s security partners provide security services and safe room solutions that can help protect these vulnerable populations until authorities arrive.

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