Protecting Students and Teachers

Securing the Classroom, Its Students and Instructors

School shootings have become an ugly part of our reality. ArxStrong’s security partners can help identify and mitigate threats to students, teachers, and administrators until help arrives.

We’ve partnered with a variety of security experts to provide a complete spectrum of solutions. From risk identification and detection to hardening solutions and safe rooms, our goal is to minimize threats to our most vulnerable citizens.

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A Proven, Step-by-Step Approach to Security

Our carefully vetted team of security and design-build experts work with you to plan and execute a state-of-the-art solution that will minimize threats and maximize protection of your people, property, and information
Security needs assessment
Risk Assessment & Planning

Our team members will review your physical security needs, then create a plan to protect the people and property that matter most to you.

Threat Deterrence
Risk Mitigation

Our team members will put in place tools and best practices that make your home or facility a formidable obstacle to would-be intruders.

External Security Monitoring
Remote Detection

ArxStrong team members will install detection, monitoring, and alert notification systems so you know when and where a threat has emerged.

Hardening Solutions
Hardening Solutions

Our team members will strengthen existing security measures with access controls, impenetrable walls and doors, and more. 

safe room
Safe Rooms

We specialize in the design and construction of secure safe (and hidden) rooms to protect you, your loved ones, and those who depend on you.

Concierge Security services
On-Site Support

Out of town? Our partners can dispatch expert personnel to inspect your property and alert you and the authorities to problems.

Sample Safe Room

We can transform any room or series of rooms in your school, into a safe room capable of protecting staff while awaiting emergency response. In this example, we’ve transformed a teachers’ lounger into a safe room, complete with ballistics- and blast-proof walls and doors. The room also includes an integrated communication center that cannot be breached by outside forces.

School secure room

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