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Active shooting events, hostile surveillance, home invasions, unwanted surveillance, social unrest – we live in an era of new and rapidly emerging threats that require preparation and vigilance if we are to protect the people, property, and information that matter most to us.

ArxStrong partners with world-class security experts who have mastered the art of protecting people, property, and information.

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Our team members will talk about your unique security needs and create a plan that works for you.

A Proven, Step-by-Step Approach to Security

Our carefully vetted team of security and design-build experts work with you to plan and execute a state-of-the-art solution that will minimize threats and maximize protection of your people, property, and information
Security needs assessment
Risk Assessment & Planning

Our team members will review your physical security needs, then create a plan to protect the people and property that matter most to you.

Threat Deterrence
Risk Mitigation

Our team members will put in place tools and best practices that make your home or facility a formidable obstacle to would-be intruders.

External Security Monitoring
Remote Detection

ArxStrong team members will install detection, monitoring, and alert notification systems so you know when and where a threat has emerged.

Hardening Solutions
Hardening Solutions

Our team members will strengthen existing security measures with access controls, impenetrable walls and doors, and more. 

safe room
Safe Rooms

We specialize in the design and construction of secure safe (and hidden) rooms to protect you, your loved ones, and those who depend on you.

Concierge Security services
On-Site Support

Out of town? Our partners can dispatch expert personnel to inspect your property and alert you and the authorities to problems.

A Complete Suite of Facility Security Solutions

Security assessmentAn ArxStrong security assessment will determine the degree of risk you face relative to the people and/or property you wish to protect. Our security partners bring years of high-level experience identifying risk and putting in place plans to mitigate that risk, for companies, houses of worship, private residences, educational institutions and more.

Assessment areas include, but are not limited, to: aerial footprints to gauge natural defenses and barriers; automotive paths, parking, and public access; exterior buildings; HVAC; trash removal and pickup; facility construction and access points (e.g. doors, windows, ducts, loading docks, etc.); interior security measures (electronic and other); and digital/data vulnerabilities.

Threat deterrenceSecurity systems should be integrated with the natural protections afforded by your property and coordinated with other security measures to present a hardened target to any adversary.  This will help deter intruders from even considering your property as a target.

As part of our vulnerability assessment, our security partners identify risks that can be exploited by outsiders and then implement remedies that will help deter their ambitions.

Possible solutions include motion-detection-triggered lighting, cameras, security signage, controlled-access fencing/gating systems, etc., all tied to automated alert systems with redundant communications.

remote detection servicesFrom the moment a crime against a home or facility is planned, the clock is ticking. Meaning that the sooner intruders are detected, the sooner authorities can be notified and respond.

Equally important, remote detection means the intruder no longer has the informational upper hand – you do, because you know they’re out there but they don’t know you know.

Which is why ArxStrong’s security partners place a premium on putting in place remote detection assets that identify, track, and record aggressors and alert you to their presence regardless of your location. Our systems integration experts are intimately familiar with the video, remote sensing, motion detection, and other standard and custom tools, and best of all, understand how to tie together these systems in a way that fully meet your security requirements.

hardening solutions for facilities and homesEvery building has at least modest forms of security built in – lockable doors and windows the most obvious examples. ArxStrong partners with hardening solution experts to up your security game to make it even harder for intruders to succeed.

Possible hardening solutions include, but are not limited to: perimeter fencing and gating systems with secure entry; reinforced doors and windows including ballistics- and batter-proofing; security lighting; automated access controls (key code boxes, fingerprint or retinal scanners, voice recognition, etc.); communications systems; integrated operation centers.

Safe RoomEven the best mitigation, detection, and hardening services aren’t always successful in keeping the bad guys out. In such circumstances, the last resort for protecting people and property is a hidden or safe room.

ArxStrong offers a variety of such solutions that can be tailored to budget and security needs.

From cleverly designed and carefully deployed hidden rooms to ballistics- and blast-proof safe rooms, from secure rooms capable of protecting conversations to long-term bunkers able to support life for weeks or even months, our safe room solutions will meet and likely exceed your security needs.

On-site security monitoring servicesThreats to property often occur when owners and team members aren’t present. In fact, unoccupied and absentee-owner properties are prime targets for those eager to steal (or damage) property, hack computer systems, and embed surveillance devices.

For this reason, ArxStrong’s partners can provide on-site, concierge-level security services that include routine visits to your DC-area property where they’re inspect it for damage or signs of intrusion.

They’ll also act as your trusted proxy in the event police or other authorities are summoned by an alarm system.


The number of home invasions that occur each year in the United States.
Number of annual active shooter incidents in the U.S. in (circa 2017)
Percentage of sexual assaults that occur as part of a home invasion
Number of property crimes reported by the FBI (2017, latest data available)
Typical financial losses associated with a home break-in or burglary

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