Frequently Asked Questions

The answer to that question, unfortunately, is one you won’t know until you do. In other words, with more than 1 million home invasions (and millions more burglaries and break-ins) occurring each year, there are good odds that at some point you will need a place for you, your loved ones, or employees to take refuge.

The short answer is, yes, a safe room can be built for virtually any budget. But the more important question is the value of the people, possessions, or information you wish to protect. Start there and then determine how much their protection is worth to you.

No. Safe rooms are routinely built into all kinds of buildings, including businesses, places of worship, schools, and anywhere else that people work or otherwise congregate.

As with any home or business construction service, the answer depends on numerous factors including whether it involves new construction or a retrofit of an existing space, the complexity and requirements of the build itself, and more. Contact us to learn more about your needs and how we can help.

While homeowners aren’t limited to a particular room, two statistics make it logical to at least strongly consider using the master bedroom. First, most burglars head to the master bedroom first because this is the room in which most homeowners keep their valuables. Second, if you’re home in bed, having the master bedroom double as a safe room means you’re able to secure yourself much faster than any other room – you’re already there!

Absolutely. Depending on what you are protecting and the level of security you require, we can build a room that keeps out any perpetrator, regardless of their intentions.

Safe rooms can include independent power sources, including batteries or generators, that keep the power running and maintain your connection to the outside world.

As big as you want it. We can transform a simple closet into a safe room or secure an entire home or building. Whatever can be built can be secured!

Like most industries, some of the terminology can be confusing. In essence a safe room and panic room are very similar if not entirely so. A panic room (we don’t like calling them that) is specifically designed to protect people against home or business invaders. A safe room, on the other hand, is also used to connote a room built to withstand violent weather, usually a tornado.

We actually cover this question in a blog post, but the short answer is, a burglary usually involves an unarmed thief eager to steal property with a minimum of disruption and no interaction with occupants, while a home invader is usually armed and not at all concerned with a physical altercation. In fact, odds are good that a home invasion will result in some form of violence and, in some cases, death.

Depending on the type of safe room built, indefinitely. We can build safe rooms with independent power, air/ventilation, water, sanitation, and other services that will enable occupants to remain in place for weeks or even months if necessary.

Yes! We can augment a safe room or other hardened security solution to protect against outside listening, recording, and other electromagnetically charged eavesdropping devices up to an STC-50 (Sound Transmission Class) rating.

Absolutely. Safe rooms can be disguised as every day dens, bedrooms, conference rooms, offices and more. Many homeowners, for example, transform their master bedroom and bath into an extended safe room.